Monday, June 26, 2017

Broken from the break up of my 5-year relationship with my ex-boyfriend and the death of my beloved 9-year old dog, Pilomena.

Emotional, crying almost every night until I fell asleep because of the pain it has caused me.

Unsure of the things I am saying and doing.

Doubtful of myself and starting to lose even more confidence.

Lost and seeking validation from other people.

Yup, that was me. I can't stress enough how unstable my heart and brain were that time. I am lost not until Jesus reached me out. He personally called me to be with Him and I believe He is calling you too, to extend His love and blessings to you.

Can you, my dear friend, imagine that? Jesus loves the lost. He actually seeks us -- the broken, the neglected, the unworthy, the imperfect, the sinners, to hug and comfort us in His safe arms. Wow, don't you think it's beautiful?

This reminds me of Mark 2:17 where Jesus said that 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.' Wow, think about this, where can you find someone who constantly pursues you despite of your continual sins and shortfalls towards them? None like Jesus, beloved. None like Him. 

You know what, dear, while going through that pain, I just saw myself reading the bible every day and every night. I feel so hungry and thirsty. Hungry for His words and thirsty for knowing Him deeper. That is when I also began praying for fellowship because my love for Jesus makes me eager to get engaged in church and to grow in faith even more.

So here's another confession, whenever I have problems, I used to run sideward -- to my closest friends to let out the heavy emotion in me and to seek advices, like most of us do. But oh dear, when Jesus found me, I realized that it is so much better to run upward -- to Him first. Isumbong at iiyak natin lahat ng sakit sa Kanya. Sa Kanya tayo mag-'rant', guysJesus is more than you think He is. C'mown! I promise you, you'll feel a loooot better, libre kita ng Mcdo fries 'pag hindi ehehehe.

Hey, kidding aside.

Can I interrupt you for awhile?

Yes, you, the one who's reading this.

Are you lost and broken at the moment?

If yes, can you now see a clearer picture of Jesus' loving arms reaching out to you over and over again saying, 'Dear, accept me in your heart because only through Me can you find beauty in brokenness. And only through Me, the unworthy becomes worthy.' 

If not yet, don't leave yet, let me pray for you, sweetheart.

Dear Lord, 

I know it is not by accident that this lovable person is reading this. I pray Lord, for the restoration of the lost and the broken. I believe Lord, You are silently with them in every difficult situation. Hug them so tight Lord and let them realize that they are always being pursued by a flawless and forgiving God. May these people feel that Your love is greater than the pain and shame they are experiencing right now. Uplift them, oh Lord and give them strength and peace of mind to have a fresh start with You. Thank you Lord for Your grace and restoration. 

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. ♡

Photo by Edwin Andrade

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