Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walking through the corridors
Our exchanged glances gave me colors
Eyes twinkling and hearts pounding
That moment was the start of something

Your efforts are full bore
How can I even ignore
You're the soul I don't wanna lose
Because we are better in twos

My love for you can't be measured
Even if they stare in displeasure
Although for some, we're a mess
I still gave you my yes

Time passed, clouds are turning grey
Love, we're not like yesterday
Echoing in my mind what's wrong
That's the toxic I don't wanna prolong

Forgive me for I will no longer be there
Conquering the world as your pair
For it will be just you and me 
Separately trying to be glee

- Lhia Ayessa 

What's up, children? Yes, I am finally back after almost a year. Seriously, I wonder how many of you guys are still there, lol. For my old readers, it's probably odd for you to see me posting a poem instead of my outfits. But hey, I also find this peculiar because this is the first poem I've ever made. I know this is far from perfect, but being able to write these words and express my feelings made a lot of difference in the weight I've been carrying these past few weeks. Sooo, that would be all for now, I'll see you on my next blog post! xo

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