Monday, December 21, 2015

Sported this black, white and denim combo yesterday during the Christmas rush to the mall. Obviously leaned towards basic outfit in this post because I didn't want to be consumed by the unmanageable crowd with unbelievably long lines and walks and unending traffic. Evidently, Christmas is just around the corner. Anyway, the pair of glasses I'm wearing was not actually for aesthetics (been wearing glasses since 1st year college but not wearing it on my blog posts), although in all honesty, I find it complementary to my outfit.

This 10-minute shoot with Ronald wasn't bad after all. Aside from the skills (lol) of the one who's behind the camera, another reason the quick shoot turned out okay was because I was able to adjust the camera to the quality I wanted it to be, without needing to edit and tweak my photos. It really pays to research and watch tips and techniques about your camera, or to even read its manual. This makes me feel more driven to buy a new camera. But this time, I want a mirrorless one because I hate it everytime the DSLR doesn't fit my bag or make it somewhat bulky and deformed.

Four more days before Christmas and I want to be one of the first few people to greet you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Spread the love. x

Bench shirt / Bershka pants / Primadonna shoes / Lacoste bag

Photos by Ronald Tabale

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