Monday, November 16, 2015

If you have read my The Sunday Currently Vol. 1 blog post, you probably know that I'm hankering to go to Maginhawa, Quezon City for some food adventures. And so my friends, Arieh, Alesha, Buging and I managed to squeeze in exploring Maginhawa before another semester starts (Yes, this is a backlog!). We really intended to eat at Streat, but unfortunately, there were no seats available. So we ended up dining at first, Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House, which is just a few walks away from Streat and second, at Artsy Cafe which I will talk about in another blog post. 

For cold or rainy days where you just want to sip hot or even spicy noodle soup, Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House is the place for you! This little nook located in Magiting Corner, Maginhawa St. serves literally hot and spicy noodles good for sharing that's why it's affordable.

Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House's Menu. As you can see, you are allowed to choose your toppings, broth, noodles and burn as well.

We ordered just two because their serving is large. We had beef-classic (the bowl at the front right)  and beef-asam laksa (the bowl at the back left). They are Php 185 (around $ 5) each. Classic broth is a non-spicy savory pork bone broth with mushrooms, greens and fried egg. While Asam Laksa is a penang-style sour and spicy fish paste broth with cucumber strips, pineapple bits, greens and boiled egg. Though we ordered just two, the server still gave us four bowls and utensils, which for me is a sign of courteousness. Big thumbs up to the servers!!

Aside from good food, another big factor that a customer wants from a restaurant is courteous and approachable staff. And Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House has these factors that makes customers go back to them and develop customer loyalty.

Yaay, meet my friends! Arieh is the one sitting beside me. She's a blogger too! She blogs about her life, feelings, emotions, travels and adventures. So if you want someone who can relate to when it comes to love and life, visit her blog!!! Buging, the one wearing "For the Win" shirt is one of my best buds. She's interested with girls more than boys. Hehe, kidding! And, Alesha the one at the back of Buging is a party girl. She loves being at raves! Okay, enough of my stories.

So, to sum it up, here's a list of what I like and don't like about Caution Hot! Spicy Noodle House.

  • The menu is fully customizable. You are free to choose your noodles, toppings, broth and burn as well.
  • When they say hot and spicy, believe them because it's true.
  • The serving is good for two persons.
  • The serving is fast, about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The servers are courteous and approachable.
  • Price is so affordable!
  • The ambiance is good.
  • The place is quite small, limited to more or less 20 persons.
  • Super limited parking space. Parking in front of their resto is at your own risk.

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