Friday, October 16, 2015

One of my guilty pleasures when I have nothing to do but to go online, is to browse house and bedroom inspirations on Google and on Pinterest. Surely enough, if I am not an Accountancy student today, I would be a Biology student (all for the love of dogs), or a Communication Arts student (for blogging's sake) or an Interior Design student (because I love decorating houses). Call me childish, but I used to play Sims Social on Facebook, but sadly, that game isn't up anymore. Good thing, City Girl Life was there to rescue me!

My ideal bedroom is a minimalist one. I like it simple but instagrammable! (Wow, that rhymes!) White walls and wooden floors are the best if you like to achieve a minimalist bedroom. It is quite necessary to have your things and stuff in the same color shades, because having so has a great impact when it comes to the overall look of your room. It would also be great if your bedroom furniture somehow complement each other, but you don't need to purchase every matching piece of furniture in store-- simple and clean furniture will suffice the need to have your desired minimalist room.

You can beautify your room by adding crazy and witty ideas without spending too much because Pinterest and Youtube are there to teach you DIYs. To further personalize your room, you have an ample opportunity to express your sense of style and passion. If you are a wanderer, you can feed your sense of wanderlust by adding maps, photos of the places you went and a magnetic board (see photo below) where you can attach your money for your adventures. If you're more of a book lover, your bookshelves can be the highlight of your room. If you're a nature lover, you can add up mini plants and flowers to bring the serenity of nature to your own bedroom. You can decorate those by having cute pots and vases! But remember to apply the "Less is more" approach. Avoid too much decors and designs to have less clutter, you just have to keep things simple.

So, those are some of my tips and inspirations to achieve a minimalist bedroom. Hey guys, I'm not an expert in interior designing, these recommendations are just based on my own opinion and sense of style so forgive me if I have stated something wrong. I just hope you find this post useful! Perhaps you can apply one of these ideas in your bedroom?

Disclosure: All photos in this post belong to Pinterest and to their respective owners. But, all words, thoughts and opinions in this post are solely mine.

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