Thursday, October 22, 2015

A pair of culottes wasn't the piece of clothing that magnetizes my eyes. I didn't hate it but I didn't consider it as an outfit option for me. I mean, awkward length and loose legs that resembles a skirt? Uh oh, wasn't my kind of thing! In fact, finding the perfect pair of culottes and spotting tops that will fit them may be a bit tricky. Therefore, they're complicated to pull off, so why would I bother to try them out?

But look at me now -- basking in the glory of comfortable culottes!! I've realized that they are more versatile than what I thought they would be. It can be worn casually, formally, corporately and anything in between. Definitely a good investment for a go-to pants!

So, I thought of sharing you one way of how I rock my culottes. Lace crop top, high waist culottes, hologram heels and I'm good to go! This is a classy, casual outfit that can actually be a corporate one if you will just add a blazer. Will you believe me if I say that I got my hologram heels for only Php 100 (around $2) in a thrift shop? I know, it's definitely a steal because it's good as new! Perks of being a cheapskate -- was able to save some bucks and got my hair colored.  (Did you even notice it?) Although it didn't turn out the way I want it because I was expecting it to be a little lighter, I still like it. My hair also got shorter, but I'm planning to make it shorter-er in the next few months. So many hair situations going on, hehe!

I'll be ending this post with two realizations: 1. try to step out of your comfort zones and 2. looking good doesn't have to be expensive. 

Street Star lace top / Polar & Panda culottes / Thrifted shoes / Pink Outside The Box necklace

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  1. You look so stylish and gorgeous! I like the chosen combination of colors! Stunning!

    p.s. read how I met Victoria Beckham on www.dianacloudlet.com

    Diana Cloudlet