Thursday, September 17, 2015

If you've been following my blog since day one, you'll probably notice that my clothing style was not that consistent. On one post, you'll see me as a girly girl, on the other, a cool girl, a casual girl, a bohemian girl, and the blogroll goes on. I guess, it was because I'm still exploring and experimenting on different styles. Also, I was easily influenced by my favorite bloggers and even celebrities in terms of their clothing personalities. Like, when I see an outfit that looks good on a person, I tend to follow her style and worse, invest on clothes without considering the comfort that they give me. Don't get me wrong, having a style inspiration is okay, but you must first contemplate if the clothes that you will spend on, suit you and most importantly, you're comfortable wearing those. 

As I have tried on different styles, it's safe to say that, for me, comfort wins. Lately, I've been sticking to clothes that don't make me feel conscious but still look stylish. Perhaps, I'm transitioning to my so called, personal style, which I believe is a combination of variety of styles. How about you, what is your clothing personality?

Chicabooti dress, Tommy Hilfiger bag, Forever 21 shoes, cap from Australia

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