Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last outfit post before a new school year starts this Monday and before I see myself drowned again in schoolworks. I'm not going to lie, but most of the time, I have this mentality of a pessimistic lazy student, in which I think that another school year full of homeworks, quizzes, reports, exams, theses, projects, et cetera is synonymous to a tough and stressful school year. Just a little leisure time to unwind, stroll, pamper, and to do my blogger duties, but a lot of time to gain eye bags because of the all nighters. But oddly enough, I'm in the process of changing that bad mentality. If you're going to think positively, a new school year means another year of meeting new people, making new friends, learning new things, taking a step ahead in reaching your goal and a year of grabbing wasted chances and opportunities. 

It's already June but the hot temperature is still here, so whenever the heat restraints me from picking an outfit to wear, cropped tops and skorts are ready to rescue me. (Well not specifically skorts, I'm also into shorts and skirts.) I fancy cropped tops since then, because it perfectly fits a petite girl like me. I completed the look with an animal printed pair of shades, a minimalist quartz necklace, a chic ring bracelet, a boho fringed bag and a nude pair of oxfords and I'm off to go!

top from Forever 21 // skort from Polar and Panda // shoes from Zanea // bag from Israel

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