Monday, May 18, 2015

After so many daydreams of being in an astounding place for my summer vacation, finally, it happened last week, May 12, 2015. We took a break from the busy streets of  the city and spent a day at a 5 hour distance away from it. Just a quick, fun and adventure-filled escapade with friends.

It all started when my friend sent me photos and blog posts about Daraitan. Seeing the photos of the beautiful Daraitan captivated me and made me decide to join my friends to go there. Aside from the heaven-kissing Mt. Daraitan, there is one more scenery that the people there should be proud of, the hidden jewel of Daraitan, Tanay Rizal-- the sparkling Tinipak River, which is surrounded by sumptuous white rocks and cliffs. Tinipak River is also known as Daraitan River.
At the barangay hall with Kuya Greg, our tour guide.
At 5:30 in the morning, we started our journey going to Daraitan. The 2-hour ride in the tricycle was really a struggle because of the bumpy road and imagine how the 6 of us, excluding the driver fitted inside one trike. At 10:30 am, we arrived in the barangay hall of Daraitan. They assigned a tour guide for us, his name is Kuya Greg. Tour guide fee is only P500, good for 10 persons. We hiked the rocky road going to Tinipak river for 2 hours. I wasn't ready for that long walk/hike because 1. I haven't eaten breakfast that much, 2. The heat went up to  more than 30 degrees and 3. I got tired from our long ride going there. Because of my lack of preparedness, I felt dizzy and can barely breathe in the middle of our hike, I was so weak, though I experienced trekking a mountain for three times, and Mt. Banahaw is one of them. Good thing, Kuya Greg was so caring and he let me rest and eat for a while.

The rocky road going to Tinipak River
Being my naughty self
Joseph and Alasan the horse

I thought I will not see the beauty of Tinipak river, but I'm so blessed, God sent a horse and the owner, Joseph, let me ride on it for free. I hope God will bless him and his family more. Another thing I noticed about Daraitan is, the people there are so kind, even the children waved and gave us their beautiful smiles, even though they've only seen us for the first time.

When I finally saw the beauty of Tinipak River, all the struggles going there had been paid off. It is so beautiful, so tranquil.

Awkward selfie
We had a little rest before going to the cave. We also left our bags here (only brought our phones, wallets and cameras) and paid P 5 to the care takers. Take note, there is no signal reception here, but I promise you, you won't mind that because you'll be stuck in appreciating and enjoying the beauty of Daraitan.
While going to the cave

It was my first time to spelunk, that's why I was so excited and petrified at the same time. It was so dark here, and we only have 3 flashlights on hand. If you'll be going here, be extra careful because it's slippery inside the cave and don't forget to bring flashlights or headlamps. At the end of the cave, there is this enlivening natural water. After soaking my body in the natural water in the cave, I feel so refreshed and alive again!

Of course, my adventure wouldn't be complete without taking a selfie! ;)
Wacky :P
 When we went outside the cave, we splashed and refreshed in the serene, Tinipak River.

At 5:00 in the afternoon, we finally decided to say goodbye to Tinipak river. We hiked again for an hour going to the barangay hall. We left Daraitan 6:30 pm with a smile on our faces and satisfaction on our hearts. I can't imagine that I only spent more than P 700.00 (around 16 USD) to experience this hidden paradise! I definitely wanna go back here! This is considered as one of my unforgettable experiences. I can finally say that, THIS IS LIVING! Thank you, God, for this amazing creation of Yours and for guiding us throughout our adventure! You are undoubtedly powerful!

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