Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hola from my girly outfit! Ringing in summer with the Olivia set from Polar and Panda Apparel (IG: @polarandpandaph), a new baby of my sister and I! I finally had the time to go out and escape the lazy feels in our house. Last week consisted of me chilling out in our house, watching TV, cuddling with my dogs, reading my daily devotion, wanting to go on a beach and have some adventures, surfing the internet, playing board games with my sister, cousin and boyfriend, cooking pancakes, and being fed up with Eleanor and Park's love and hate relationship. I first read this book during our Finals week, for about 2 days with interruption, that's why I wasn't able to finish it because I needed to study, so now, I've decided to continue reading it. Seriously, I find their story boring, but I don't wanna leave any book unfinished. 

In other news, hey, it's summer, but still, my outfit got the lack of color, don't you think that I'm a summer antagonist? hehe. So glad that I'm starting to be versatile when it comes to my outfits, 'cos before, you can never really make me wear mini skirts, girly outfits, or anything that shows off my skin. I adore the skirt so much because it gives me a Japanese vibe, like, I'm one of those Japanese students, but with big eyes and not so white skin. So what do you think of my look? I would definitely love to hear your thoughts!

top and skirt from Polar and Panda (IG: @polarandpandaph) // bag from Koltov // shoes from Primadonna // watch from Swatch // DIY necklace

Photos by Janeah Ibardolaza

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