Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Exactly a month ago, I became a princess. An 18-year old Ice Princess. A princess, just for a night. A night that's invaluable. Priceless.

Although my birthday's really February 23, we celebrated it 7th of March. Actually, this celebration was not really planned. The real plan was just a swimming party with my family, pampering ourselves in a spa with scented candles and relaxing instrumental music and eating together in a long table full of mouthwatering foods. That's just it, until I realized that I will only turn 18 once, so better make it indelible. I don't want waking up on my special day surrounded with material things that cost hundreds of pesos. Material things that will make me happy just for a day. Material things that make the world chaotic. I badly want to make memories. Memories with those people I treasure the most, so memorable that I can reminisce anytime I want to and for mine to keep. I want those things that cannot be bought. So without further ado, here's a photo diary of what happened on my memorable birthday celebration.
My sisters and I.

Pavilion, Aberdeen Court, Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City // Winter Wonderland theme




So after the grand entrance, it's time for some picture taking per table. Also, foods have been served! While everyone's eating, the emcee's been calling names and asked each one of them facts about me. Heh, well, most of them knew me well, the others? They've been coached by my tita! 
18 candles!!!
Time to blow the candles, so that their wishes will come true!
I look so happy here.
Change outfit!!!!!
18 blue bills!!!
18 treasures!!!
I wanted my 18 roses to be fun instead of sweet and emotional one, that's why my coordinator (AJD Events) decided to remix the love songs and modern songs such as Teach me how to Dougie, Bubble Butt, Gang Nam Style and the like. After that, we had an awards night, cool isn't it?!

Another picture taking!!!
After this event, I can finally say that THIS IS SO WORTH IT. Someday, I'll just see myself absent-mindedly staring on something and walking and hopping on my memory lane happily. It's good to see those people you love gather on your special day, right? I thank those people who joined me on my special day. Seriously, I wouldn't mind spending my everyday with them! So, here's to more memories with the best people!

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