Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18th of March 2015, Wednesday, 10:58 am, it's an ordinary day, I'm inside our classroom (Financial Accounting 1 class) while writing this blog post. Boredom is attacking me right now because I have nothing to do, some of my classmates are on the board, writing the answers on our assignments to be discussed by our professor later. Photos, VSCO Cam, Facebook and Messenger were some of the apps that I just clicked but closed immediately, then my finger just landed on the Calendar. I'm clicking those dates that have a black dot and I can see those people who have birthdays on such date (I dunno, maybe Facebook infos synced on my calendar). As I am scrolling, I've reached the year 2062 then I suddenly clicked my birth date, February 23. Seeing "Lhia Ayessa Ibardolaza's 67th birthday" (supposedly that would be my 65th birthday but I think I wrote a different year of birth on my Facebook info) makes me sad and think of what's happening to me, my family and loved ones that time. I realized that life is too short, judgement day is also near. I'm just quite afraid of what awaits in the future. But I want to be optimistic, that's why I prayed and put my trust in Him. I just want to think of how many adventures I've experienced and the blessings that I received that time. I'll treasure every happy moment that will happen and those special people that mean the world to me. Be positive and have a little faith. Start what you want to do now, don't wait for tomorrow because nobody knows what will happen next. Nobody wants to live a life regretting what they haven't done. Life's too short to be sad, angry, and miserable, so now, put that smile on your face! BE HAPPY. :)

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