Sunday, January 18, 2015

Summer is kinda near and the season of floral outfits is starting to revisit as early as now (I guess I'm way too excited haha). But obviously, this isn't a summer outfit because I'm wearing a denim jacket. 

It's odd because I was a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, I don't want to wear tops that will show off my skin (Maria Clara kuno hahaha). Kidding aside, I realized that my outfits were too plain and boring, so now, I'm channeling my chic and kinda sporty look.

It has always been my dream to walk on a runway, and this shot somehow turned my dream into reality haha. I love this shot even though my hair's messy. 

So now, I decided to wrap my jacket around my waist because it's getting hot! I think, what's important is that you're comfortable with what you're wearing.

Ooops! Forgive me for having a big belly hahaha, I don't work out! But seriously, without a doubt, midriffs are definitely paired well with high waist pants or shorts, I think this outfit is perfect for a girl's day and night-out. I hope you think the same way too.

This pair of boots is adorable and definitely one of my faves!

I'm so in love with the bag because it made me look like a sporty girl even though I'm totally not, and I'm glad that it also matches the whole outfit!.

Sometimes, you need a break from your usual outfits and have to experiment and explore for new and better ones! So that's it! Thank you for reading my first ever blog post! I hope you guys enjoy and bloom like the flowers in my top! 

top from Forever 21 // bag from Tommy Hilfiger // necklace from Pink Outside the Box 

Photos by: Janeah Ibardolaza and Ronald Tabale

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  1. Congrats on starting a blog! I'd wear this outfit on a girls day out too, esp when the weather outside is quite chilly. Lovely first post.

    x, Vivi Lien